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Live In Care

Live-in care offers a solution to people needing a lot of support so they can remain safe whilst living at their home. Our live in carer will maintain safety and comfort 24/7, living alongside the person in their home. They will provide personal care, meals, cleaning and friendship.

As we all get older we are faced with frailty, illness or injury and may need full time care and support for our safety. The live in carers role is to enhance and protect the person’s lifestyle providing care on a 1:1 basis, in the persons own home. The familiarity of home, garden and neighbourhood promotes well-being for the person and their family.

There really is, no place like home.

Live in Care is a genuine alternative to having to move from your home to a residential home or large home care support packages which are charged by the hour.

Although most of our customers are elderly, we also manage care services for younger people with illness that prevent them living independently in their own home. The support provided may be permanent or short term. 

Over Night

Night time is a very vulnerable time for some people requiring care and support. Our live in carer sleeps in a room close to the client, so as to provide the necessary  help if required overnight.

We also provide an individual over-night carer service should the person be waking more, if their condition deteriorates and in general if the support needed in night time hours, means the carer must stay awake.


Compare Care

Live In Care

  •  Stay in your own home

  •  One-one-care, 24 hours a day

  •  Continuity of lifestyle

  •  Choice of food types & meal times

  •  Can keep your pet

  • Your home might need modifications

  • Requires a spare room

  • In most cases 40 to 45% cheaper than Residential Care

Residential Care

       X  Stay in your own home

       X  One-one-care, 24 hours a day

       X  Continuity of lifestyle

       Choice of food types & meal times​

       Can keep your pet

          No modifications needed

          No spare room needed

          Difficult to reverse if the clients wellbeing improves

It can take on average 1- 2 weeks to start with our live in care services. The important first step is meeting our care coordinator, who will come to your home and assess what you require. You will have one or two main carers, who will be managed and paid by ourselves. They will have relevant training and be a qualified carer. All our carers will have a police check, a background check by ourselves and will be fully insured to be working in your residence.

Personalities matter, so the second part of meeting one of our carers who we feel would most match the personality of the client, is vitally important. During their break periods for holidays or sickness we will provide another carer who will be there until the main carer(s) returns. You will have one main carer and we will keep the number of other carers to a minimum and ensure they all follow our Care Support Plan. Each carer receives regular supervision from our care team leader.

Our dedicated care coordinator will be contactable for your support with any issues that may occur. They will make routine visits to check the care service is person centred. 

To find out more about how Saar @ Home Homecare AGENCY can help you, or to answer any queries you may have, don’t hesitate to contact us today!

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