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CARE AFTER GIVING BIRTH is a good start for brand-new parents and their baby.
Pregnant Woman

In Portugal it is customary for the newly-appointed mother to go home after 2 days of hospital stay. The new mother however will still need some help and/or be in doubt about how to give the right care to her new baby. This is where Saar @ Home can help.


Our aftercare consist of 7 days help with breast/bottle feeding, daily care to teach the new mother skills like; changing babies and bathing, umbilical care, temperature a baby, diapers review, bed making etc etc.

We also check the brand-new mother. Does the uterus drop nicely, nipple fissures, do the sutures heal properly, assess blood loss etc. etc. And of course involve daddy and the older children, with some of the nursing.

When interested you can always have a free intake interview with our midwife Marlene of       Saar @ Home to see what we can do for you. You really do not need to fly back to your own home country to have your baby delivered safe.

About our midwife Marlene: She has done her nursing training in the Netherlands. For the first 3 years she worked as a graduate nurse at a booth/obstetric department. Later she got a university degree in obstetrics. For many years she had her own practice. She has delivered more than 2000 babies into this world.  In 2009 she came to first live in Portugal for a short while. However she decided to go back to Holland to work in obstetrics again and did Haptonomic pregnancy training courses. Since 2014 she has moved to Portugal for definite with her husband Maarten and her cat Sam and dog Suzie in Fuseta.

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