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Need support travelling to and from your home and medical appointments? Saar@Home's transport and Medical escort workers can help.

Given the cost, commute, time spent and discomfort of a doctor’s visit, some of us get tempted to skip medical appointments, whether for chronic disease management follow-ups or preventive health screening.

For seniors and those with mobility constraints, travelling to and from hospitals or clinics and home can be difficult. Long wait times often make a simple follow-up consultation last an entire day. And not to mention the struggle with the language-barrier. On many cases, a family caregiver is the one who accompanies the care recipient to the hospital or clinic. However, they may not always be available, due to time constraints or strained family relationships.

For seniors whose primary caregiver are their spouses, additional care support may be required due to their own health conditions and physical constraints, especially if the care recipient needs to be manually transferred from their bed to a wheelchair and then to the vehicle.

Patient and Nurse
Senior Woman Driving

Missing medical appointments and treatments can cause health complications

However, not going for follow-up consultations, medical appointments, treatment and health screening can lead to further health complications. Sometimes, patients who skip these appointments may even end up back in the hospital with more serious and costly health concerns.

Patient transport officers will also provide advice to reduce mishaps such as patients who accidentally discard the medication or mix up the dosages.

Families use patient transport services for:

  • Doctor's & Hospital Appointments

  • Visits to Daycare Centres

  • Important Functions

Having a trained medical escort makes a difference

To ensure that care recipients follow through with their medical appointments, it can be helpful to have a trained professional step in and support them.

They play a pivotal role in ensuring individuals and seniors follow through with their appointments and medication.

From accompanying them to and from home, medical appointments, treatment facilities and/or important functions, patient transportation officers also take care of everything in between – from toileting and personal care to accurately relaying doctor’s advise and medication collection. A trained patient transport officer will keep your loved one safe and sound every step of the way.

Have peace of mind when you engage a patient transport officer from Saar@Home to accompany your loved one for their medical appointment and treatment, and help them enjoy an improved quality of life free from health complications.

What can a medical escort help with?

If you or your loved one need support with getting to and from a medical appointment, medical escorts can help. Saar@Home’s medical escorts will:

  • Meet your loved one from home

  • Arrange for a taxi or private car pick-up, or a preferred transport mode of your choice

  • Ensure safe transfers in and out of transport

  • Accompany your loved one throughout the visit

  • Note down and relay doctor’s advice and memos

  • Collect any prescribed medication as well as discharge reports, health and test reports

  • Arrange for a taxi or private car to bring them back home

  • Accompany them home safely, right to their doorstep

Our medical escort will keep your loved one safe and sound, every step of the way.

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